Victoria Brown





about ME

I correct stuff.


I'm a proofreader, copy editor, and lover of language.

Many people refer to me as their "phone-a-friend"—curious, knowledgeable, and generous with her expertise. That's me. 

The projects I’ve worked on range from sumptuous books on architecture and travel to scholarly artist’s monographs with detailed endnotes and bibliographies, and whimsical children’s books to topical newsletters. I read broadly and my interests are wide-ranging, so I’m comfortable working across a wide variety of subjects. I get up to speed quickly, my standards are high, and my work is rigorous.

Many of the jobs I work on also include research and fact-checking, so I’m at home and adept in those areas as well. I can’t resist investigating a fact that I’m not sure about!

I also provide coaching for writers and creatives who have a keen interest in taking their writing and conversational skills to the next level.

I graduated from Barnard College with a degree in Art History, and spent many years working in New York art galleries and museums.

I'd love to hear about the project you're working on, or are about to work on.



CLIEntS & Projects

From artist’s monographs to online newsletters, the projects I've worked on range in both scale and time frame. Here's a selection.





Typically words. In all their forms and formats. Language, protocol, and communication too.



Proofreading is technically the final polish of a project, when I zero in on grammatical, spelling, and other mechanical errors. I always make sure that the entire piece makes sense, reads well, and is consistent in tone and style.



Conversational and writing skills boosts. For those who want to expand their facility with written and spoken English, whether English is a new language or an old friend.


Copy editing is called for when a project needs a bit more work. Text may be changed to improve the flow and overall quality. Errors are corrected, and I use my expertise to ensure that everything makes sense, reads well, and is consistent in tone and style.

If editing is wrestling with words, then proofreading is wrestling with words in a broom closet.




I'm easy to reach and I'll respond promptly. Drop me a line and tell me about what you need.


I've worked on short-term projects as quick as a few hours to on-going, long-term engagements. If you're interested in speaking about how we might work together, please complete the form below or simply email me at vbrown[at]nyc[dot]rr[dot]com. I'm also happy to jump on the phone. Just email me your number and a good time to call!